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Pink Caravan Educational Material

The Pink Caravan is a breast cancer awareness campaign initiated in 2011 by Friends of Cancer Patients, a UAE charitable organization. The campaign is specifically designed to raise awareness around breast cancer and to encourage both women and men, residing within the United Arab Emirates, to perform self-examinations and go for their regular medical check-ups.

The pillars of Breast Cancer Screening

1. Regular Breast Self Examination (BSE)
2. Regular Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) by physician
3. Regular Mammogram after the age of 40
4. Reduce your risk of developing Breast Cancer by keeping a healthy weight, eating healthily, stop smoking and exercise

The importance of Breast Self Examination (BSE)

1. Its enables women to detect any changes or lumps that might occur
2. The earlier the detection of cancer, the better the chance of recovery b effective treatment

The 4 steps for monthly Breast Self Examination (BSE)

Pre-menopausal: choose a day between the 6th-10th day after the start of your monthly period.

Post-menopausal: choose any day of the month to perform the above.

Pick one motion you will use every time you conduct your BSE, it makes it easier for you to detect any changes in your breast.

Step One : Lying down

1. Place a pillow under your right shoulder
2. Place your right hand behind your head
3. Use the inner pads of the three middle fingers of your left hand (see red circle in the diagram)
4. Feel for any changes in your breast, even above and below your collarbone Ei your armpit area (like a lump or a hard node or skin thickening)
5. Repeat the same procedure for the left breast

Step Two : Stand upright in front of a mirror

1. Place your right hand behind your head
2. Use the three middle fingers of your left hand while feeling your right breast
3. Inspect all the areas of your breast, chest and collarbone just like you did when lying down (see the red outlined box)
4. Repeat the same procedure for the left breast using your right hand

Step Three : Stand upright in front of a mirror

1. Arms held over your head
2. Check your breast for any change in size, shape 5 color

Step Four : Stand upright in front of a mirror

1. Arms pressed against the hips and bending forward
2. Check your breasts for puckering, dimpling, rash, nipple discharge or retraction or any other change that dose not look and feel normal

Regular Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)

Done as pert of the annual health check up or when you feel something wrong. It should be done every 3 years starting from the age of 20 and it should be done every year after the age of 40.

Regular Mammogram

A mammogram can detect the smallest abnormalities E changes in the breast even before being detectable by the women herself or by the doctor. A mammogram is performed at the age of 40 years bolder E repeated every 1-2 years. Earlier screening is advisable if a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer is present.

Before going to a mammogram appointment

1. Don't wear perfume, deodorant or powder as it affects the mammogram result
2. Bring your old mammograms b reports if you have them


Mammography screening is the most effective screening method & has proven to reduce breast cancer mortality (Death) by 20 to 30% in women over 50 years old.

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