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The Global Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness was launched in Abu Dhabi in November 2007 in partnership with Susan G Komen for the Cure ® and the Institute of International Education, under the auspices of the National Higher Committee for Breast Cancer and the patronage of H.H Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak.

Health Authority Abu Dhabis approach is simple and practical, yet rigorous; it combines two key pillars, which are being promoted according to evidence-based best practice:

(1) Driving uptake: Encouraging women from across the community to take-up screening (including Breast Self Examination, Clinical Breast Examination and Mammograms), through raising awareness, tackling stigma, and reinforcing implementation, critically, providing the practical advice on where, how, and when to go. In addition, HAAD has ensured coverage of the cost of screening through a blend of health insurance and government revenues.

(2) Delivering world-class capacity: Strengthening existing resources for breast cancer screening, staging, treatment and follow-up. This includes new screening facilities, providing world-class equipment, staff and training.

To find out more about breast cancer book a mammogram appointment or find details of clinics please visit This site provides women with easy to access further medical knowledge and continuous support, from advice on self-examination to scheduling bookings for regular mammograms. has helped thousands of women and is proof that knowledge saves lives!