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ADCB Pink Polo Art is an awareness campaign organized by Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club in collaboration with the Emarati Rider and Artist Ms. Budour Abdullah Al Ali. We aim to harness the creative power of the UAE’s artistic community to spread awareness of the ADCB Pink Polo. Budour’s first solo exhibition was in 1994 at an Art Center in the United States and her first selected group exhibition was in 2005 at a Gallery in also the United States. Budour’s scribbles, marks, and paintings on plain paper were her own creative expression at each developmental stage and were also the beginning of her writing. Budour developed her artistic styles as she grew as an artist; She is considered as one of the most talented artists locally and internationally. Budour is focusing currently on showing through her contemporary artwork, the UAE’s rich culture, heritage and traditions to the world.

This collaboration launches the 2015 ADCB Pink Polo Art, encouraging the Emirati artist to create works of art around the breast cancer theme. The ADCB Pink Polo Paintings will be exhibited at the ADCB Pink Polo event day on the 6th of November where the artist will be present.

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