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ADCB Pink Polo Art is an awareness campaign organized by Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club in collaboration with the social artist Ashwaq Abdulla. Emirati artist who graduated from the Higher Colleges of Technology having specialized in Interior Design and Graphic Arts. She developed a passion for drawing at an early age and the support of her family and school had a major impact in helping her cultivate her style and skills.
Ashwaq held art exhibitions while at school and university and took part in many art courses and workshops led by the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi and the Arts Zone in Sharjah. She first participated in a national exhibition in Abu Dhabi in 1997 titled "The Emirates In the Eyes of Its Artists" in which she showcased her work alongside leading artists of the UAE. She is deeply passionate about abstract painting and collage and uses these approaches to express UAE heritage and promoting the country. She experiments with charcoal, pastels, oil and acrylic paints and has mastered hand-made crafts by creating work in her own style using non-recyclable materials.
Ashwaq’s art is a way of conveying elements of her imagination and dreams and entering into a dialogue about community issues. She hopes that her “silent messages” translate human emotions and feelings to the viewer.

The ADCB Pink Polo Paintings will be exhibited at the ADCB Pink Polo event day on the 4th of November where the artist will be present.

Instagram: @ashwaq.abdulla
Facebook: ashwaq.abdulla
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